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Social Dances




With a website that screams Salsaaa, no points for guessing what’s the USP at Baile -de- Salon Dance & Fitness Studios.


We pride ourselves in offering the most comprehensive course content for Salsa in India, starting from 2 months up to 36 months. We ensure that people are having fun in class while learning something new every time they visit the studio.


The course layout is tailored to get you on the dance floor faster and give you a smooth transition from the Salsa classes to the clubs. Apart from pumping Serotonin, Confidence building and networking is another great by-product of learning a social dance.


Primarily we teach the LA / ON1. Workshops and Bootcamps for NY / ON2.


We use a unique yet simple pedagogy using day to day analogies which makes learning easier, especially when most people who walk in have never danced before and are very sceptical of their own capabilities. Like any other skill, logic and conceptual application form the foundation of learning. Finesse demands practice and perseverance. 


Along with classroom training we simultaneously offer written/diagramatic representation of of techniques and concepts through our blog and quick video tutorials uplaoded via YouTube (links for the same available on the top right corner of your screen)


You don't need a partner to join the classes. All particiapants rotate every couple of minutes as they learn and dance. That is the true test of ones ablity to effectively lead and follow.

Most people come in individually and that is why we insist on pre-registrations for the class.

-- It helps maintain a healthy gender ratio 

-- Instructor can plan the class better

-- Effectively manage space ( which is a limited resource)

For on spot enrollments we may ask you to bring a partner along.


Footwear: Social / Ballroom Dancing require customized footwear. Consider investing in a separate pair of dancing shoes. If dancing is important to you and you enjoy dancing for long periods of time, you probably want to be an active dancer for as long as possible. One needs to ensure that the footwear is comfortable, resistant and of good quality. Well-fitted shoes will enable you to dance longer with less effort.
For the Ladies:
Well-fitted dancing sandals (open toes or closed sandals is a personal choice), should have a back support with strong (preferably wider) front strap to ensure your feet don't clonk while dancing. Heel size again depends on your comfort level, but generally 2-2.25 inches would be the ideal heel height.
For the Gentlemen:
Well fitted Dancing / Formal shoes with leather, resin or suede soles. Try and keep the dancing shoes separate from the daily wear to keep them dry and maintain the smoothness of the sole. Dancing shoes need to be light, hence avoid chunky boots / heavy soled shoes. No PVC or rubber soles, as the same will restrict movement.


Argentine Tango


Learning to dance Tango socially is based on improvisational movement and respecting both your partner and the other dancers on the floor. Argentine Tango brings with it a romantic and sensuous mood. Also called the “war of the feet”, this dance form exhibits a style that is dramatic, passionate and beautiful.  It has been attracting dance enthusiasts from all over the world with its charm.

Argentine tango is an improvisational dance based on the four building blocks of walking, turning, stopping and embellishments. The dance is like a puzzle that gets put together differently each time.
We primarily teach the Nuevo Style, but do try and incorporate the best of the Milonga, Baldosa and Vals. Adding elements of Fantasia always brings more excitement to the class.
Women and men bring their own styles and embellishments to the dance which contribute significantly to the excitement and unpredictability of the experience. Even though dancers follow certain conventions, they never quite know how someone will construct a dance, add an embellishment or interpret the music.
The surprises possible within the dance are what make the dance so addicting. It really does take two to tango, because the dance isn't just about the man leading and the woman following. Both partners have important things to contribute—like all good conversations.
We at Baile -de- Salon are proud to say that we are not only the most prominent, but the only dance institute in Mumbai to offer regular Argentine Tango lessons.
The Tango also happens to be our big boy Ajaz' favourite dance. He is probably amongst the most advanced Tango dancers & teachers in India, but his knowledge of the dance by a self confession is only worth a bucket before an ocean.


Bachata is the youngest of all Latin dance forms. It is a perfect blend of sensuality and fun.

We teach the Urban Bachata or Bachata Moderna as it is referred to in some parts of the world. Most of our local folks un-initiated to social dancing have never heard of it, but Bachata has been climbing the popularity charts at a blazing speed. The dancing enthusiasts in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad and Kolkatta are up to speed with International trends. Internationally Bachata has gained tremendous prominence, with dedicated Bachata festivals as well.


Bachata music is extremely enjoyable and the dance relatively lucid and simple to execute. Bachata is danced with the soul and from the heart. The sensuous movements in perfect alignment with your partner create an almost ethereal experience where you lose yourself in the music and that particular moment in time. Achieving the visual state of simplicity matched with sensuality is what takes practice. 


We always maintain slots for Bachata at our primary studios, viz; Colaba, Bandra and Powai, even though we may not get huge response. Slowly but surely awareness is increasing, full credit to the visibilty on YouTube.


Casino Rueda

Casino Rueda (meaning the wheel of salsa) is a group dance which originated in Havana , Cuba in the 1960s by a group called Guaracheros de Regla.

In this dance, couples dance in a circle while one dancer, designated as "The Caller", provides hand signals or calls out the moves which will be executed by every couple in the circle simultaneously. Many of the Casino moves involve swapping or switching partners which makes the dance tricky to execute and spectacular to watch.

Rueda is very popular in Cuba and Miami and has gained popularity all over the world. Cuban Rueda tends to be more playful with easy to follow fun moves while Miami Rueda has many complicated turn patterns and requires memorization and skill to execute. Many callers will know anywhere from 150-300 moves so memory, speed and accuracy is a key to ensuring the circle is not broken.

The advantage of learning Casino Rueda is that all moves learned in the Rueda circle can be danced one on one with a partner adding to a dancer's repertoire of moves.



The word Zouk means "party" or "festival" in the local Antillean Creole of French, although the word originally referred to, and is still used to refer to, a popular dance, based on the Polish dance, the mazurka (mazouk), that was introduced to the French Caribbean in the 19th Century.

Zouk again has  a lot of variants. We teach the Brazilian Zouk.


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